Last night I tagged along to a show at the Bijou. A soulful rockabilly of a chiaroscuro night. When the light meets the dark.  When the uniting of a family long lost joins together. Where people of desperation cry out for their need of love. “Love -- it’s what I need,” behind fogged glasses and the flashing of lights. The cries of the people rejoice. They declare. It’s what they long for. It’s what they need in wholeness and in truth. Why do they want it so desperately?  

Why is that a question of every age, every nationality? People hope in desperation, with puppy posters and peace signs. Declaring that love and acceptance will solve the issues of today and tomorrow. That the refinement of the earth comes down to one act: love.

Now, I certainly believe that our issue is that. To fully love and accept love. But only? That would be a lie. A lie and an issue of what the word actually means. To know love, the true master of the verb and the noun.  That master that is fully love and fully peace. He's fully man and fully God.