Goodbye 2015, Hello New Me :)

It's funny. The year after college is weird. Everyone's scrambling about; no friends, no job. No one understands how college could be over. It's a year of questions and awkward skins. But I did it. I got out.  I'm sitting here in 2016 a year and a half out feeling pretty thankful. 

Let's take a look back in review:



Every year I set goals and don't follow through. This year, I'm planning on sticking to them. (Like I say every year...) 

1. Set new goals every month (i.e. January – run 10 minutes 6 days a week, look more strangers in the eye)

2. Follow through with my goals for my 24th year (i.e. ride in a hot air balloon, get my motorcycle license, travel duh)

So far, the adventures lining up are more than I could have ever dreamed would actually happen. I'm praying, praying, praying for the things to come and the explorations that come with following a God that is bigger than Instagram culture.