Twice the size of ten and half the size of forty; enough in the beginning but not exactly new. Our parents and their parents started their families-their lives much younger- yet we are just discovering who we are. Most of us are piggybacking off them for more than just financial support. We cannot do it alone yet we’re too mature, too refined to help ourselves. And we still don’t know exactly what we want. Well… other than the fact that we want to live.

Most of us, we want to see the world. We want to see and taste and experience and know. Yet we don’t regard the repercussions. Myself included. I’m not the typical twenty-something in America. I say this because my life, my lifestyle is different than most.

Most of my generation and the generations before me cling to something different: the American dream. This sad and heartbreaking reality speaks through the very culture that I live and reside in. Yet I must try and deny. I must hear the call. I don’t want to miss it. I don’t want to lose any of my chances. These chances can lead me to the greatest of adventures that unlock what we long for. What we try to live for. That makes us fall. You can live the call. You can live the adventure. Don’t miss it.