Denver, Colorado

Last weekend Ciarra, Madison and I visited one of our best friends, Ann-Holland and her husband Ethan. It was a quick trip with lots of snacks and exploring on Friday, followed by a ski trip to Keystone. Haps and E patiently spent the day picking me up as I fell, all while trying to learn how to snowboard. (Let me tell you– I'm still feeling the affects of it on my tailbone!) We sang Iko Iko by the Dixie Cups and passed out every night exhausted from the journeys of the day. The best part was just getting the gang back together, because Ethan sure missed his girls :)

Here's a glimpse of what our Friday looked like! All of our snowboarding pictures were done a-la-iPhone...


Thanks again for an incredible weekend! I'm already devising a way to end up there in the coming months. Maybe next time we'll finish our Macklemore music video?

Stay tuned for our video montage and attempts at being cool!