When you're surprised with a giant feast.


On our last night in the Philippines we were surprised with a kamayan dinner! This is where you eat at a long table with your hands, on banana leaves. We had the most amazing fried peppers, that are called dynamite sticks. Barbecued pork, grilled fish, and grilled chicken. This was the first time our hosts, and local women, threw a kamayan dinner party for World Racers! 




That Time I Swam With Whale Sharks


Last week I visited the island of Cebu! Vanessa, Adam, Kirsty, Michael and I took a $70 USD roundtrip flight from Manila to Cebu City on Saturday night.

The first night we tried two hostels, before landing in our final resting place at 1:30am. We woke up 4 hours later to walk to the bus station down the road. Our bus took us south to Oslob, where we asked the charter to stop on the side of the road.

It was Sunday morning and we were going Canyoneering at Kawasan Falls. We hopped onto motorcycles, clothed in lifejackets, and made our way to the most beautiful waterfalls and pools I've ever seen. The water was the most spectacular color of sea-foam green. 

Afterwards, while waiting for the bus we got picked up by a random white van. It was uber nice, with air con (that's what they call A.C. here) and only cost 150 pesos! The Lord totally blessed us and our 3 hour trip to our new hostel only took 1.5 hours.

That night we ate crocodile sisig, calamari and scallops on seashells overlooking the most incredible ocean view I've ever seen. After hours of sleep the night before and a day of jumping into waterfalls, I fell asleep at approximately 8:02pm.


At 5:30am the next morning, we hopped on little boats to swim with whale sharks! They were definitely more like whales and less like sharks. It was pretty amazing. The sharks would sometimes come right under you - which is pretty terrifying!


It's definitely an experience I won't forget.