Knoxville I love you.

It's December 6, and I have less than a month left in Knoxville. It's been a wild eight years in my adoptive city, and I'm sad to leave it. Knoxville is where I've lived my entire adult life.

Here I was dropped off for college, started walking with Jesus, became a post grad, made a few friends, made friends that feel like family, started jobs, ended jobs, said, "yes!" to crazy whispers from the Lord, cried, laughed, felt like it was the end of the world, woke up to new sunrises, got flat tires, ate cupcakes on parking garages, mourned friendships and lives, celebrated new life, danced, danced, danced, sang at the top of my lungs, failed at a lot, picked myself up again, talked about life, talked about love, talked about death. Knoxville, I'm going to miss you.

It's kind of fitting that I get to end Knoxville during Advent. It's the season of expectancy. Of waiting. Of preparing. 

I'm waiting. 

(Featuring Kiwi)